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Monday, July 22, 2013

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1011-1013

The one minute feminist case for a basic income:

Patriarchy has put the world’s wealth in the hands of men, prevented women from being professionals and entrepreneurs, forced poor women into dead-end second-class labor jobs, and forced all women to become unpaid domestic servants and caretakers of the young, elderly, and disabled of their families. Women have been forced to be financially dependent on fathers or husbands who are often abusive. A basic income would change all of this. A basic income would be a massive transfer of wealth from men to women. Women would be free of financial dependence on any man, and the young, elderly, and disabled would all be fully supported. Women could afford to leave abusive husbands, those who chose to be caretakers would be fully compensated, and no woman would be forced into a dead-end job, and would instead be able to pursue her own financial goals as she saw fit.
OPINION: The One Minute Case for a Basic Income
Basic Income News

…new diplomas may send them to the front of the employment line, but the jobs they find there don’t offer as much money or career potential as before.
Largely as a result of “jobless” or “unintended” entrepreneurship, the number of individuals starting businesses increased in recent years. But the number bailing out grew even faster.
A recent Congressional Budget Office report shows that small and medium-size companies had disproportionately greater job losses than large companies in recent years. The latest Intuit Small Business Employment Index registers levels far below that of 2007.
Let Them Make Their Own Jobs
New York Times
May 27, 2013

[emphasis JS]

 Every year  thousands of American workers die on the job, and  millions are injured.

The reason? Lax worker safety laws, and weak enforcement of those that do exist. Another way of putting it is that we are letting men and women die simply by failing to afford them basic protections.
In 2011 there were  nearly 450,000 workplace-related injuries and illnesses in California, including an increasing number among low-wage female workers, from maids and housekeeping cleaners to food prep workers to janitors.

America's Deadly Jobs
AlterNet / By Julie Gutman


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