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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of the Week 250, 251

When people talk about depression, it's usually seen as an individual thing. That one person has emotional problems - and they should get help. However, I view the large number of depressed people as systemic. We've made our society chalk-full of stress, denial of human desires, and not built for human comfort and desire. Every day many people repress emotions and what we want to do in order to keep that job.The result of that stress is pretty naturally depression. It's about time we started remolding our society and economics so that the goal is human happiness rather than a higher GDP.
depression and a stressful society
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The Common Technological Heritage of Humanity has been reinvested time and time again, accruing compound interest over years, decades, generations, centuries and millennia. “Wealth,” as Bucky Fuller famously observed, “is knowledge utilized.” There is sufficient accrued technological wealth to provide a satisfying material and spiritual existence for every member of humanity, and the fact that this is not (yet) realized is the direct and predictable result of the economic incentives created by contemporary sputtering politico-socioeconomic systems.
The obvious and blatant violation of this intended inheritance and birthright of all humanity to benefit from properly directed science and technology is unconscionable, predictable and soon to be eliminated, democratically.
Robley E. George
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies

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