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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 280-283

Anna Maria Tremonti : America has its first African-American president—what was it like to wake up to that reality this morning?

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Ahh—pretty normal actually-- I was quite tired, and I had to get to work the next day….
CBC Radio1, The Current, Nov 5, 2008

Potential applications of robots could then be in use as automatons in fast food restaurants, transportation, education, construction and retail among other areas. "We will have robotic cashiers, robotic stocking, sweeping, help and cart retrieval at Wal-Mart," says Brain.
To deal with that version of the future, he suggests society should redesign the economy to get the benefits of automation.
His solution? Spread the benefit of productivity to everyone by breaking the concentration of wealth, increase pay and reduce the work week. Sounds a lot like socialism, doesn't it?
The idea provoked a question from attendees. When industrialization first occurred there were fears of massive unemployment which never panned out. Why will the integration of robots into the workforce be any different?
"We didn't create a second intelligent species 150 years ago," says Brain. "Now we are doing that with intelligence that will get better and better."
Brainy Robots To Lead To Longer Unemployment Lines?
By Priya Ganapati

Wake up bro, we're not at odds together. We need to come together and fight for real power. That's what socialism attempts to achieve. It's simply about providing a decent living for all people if society can organize itself to do so. Why does that make you guys so freaking angry? It makes no sense to me. If we can have robots build every person a home and we can provide free electricity, water, cable, telephone, food, water, car, etc. -- why not do it? Why are you so dead set against providing for people? If it doesn't hurt you, why be so against it? I know you'll say that that is the point "it does hurt you". But, again, that's changing day by day. As robots can provide all the material necessities for all humans, we are obligated to provide for all people, are we not?
Posted by: Jonathan Nelson
Oct 27, 2008 8:42:19 AM
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Brainy Robots To Lead To Longer Unemployment Lines?

I spit at shortminded idiots who keep whining the same old proverbs and hymns about the evil of Satan/Socialism. Sod off, I want a steadily rising basic income as bloody soon the first people at McDonalds are laid off for robots.
Posted by: Dagonweb
Oct 28, 2008 5:33:33 AM
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Brainy Robots To Lead To Longer Unemployment Lines?


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