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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of the Week 261-264

Why are the voices raised in protest so shrill and few? Why will Americans fall on their fountain-pens for their bankers? If America is to adopt socialism, why not have socialism for the poor, rather than for the rich? Why should American households that earn $50,000 a year subsidize Goldman Sachs partners who earn $5 million a year?
Let's Stop the Greatest Theft in the History of Humankind
Otto Spengler, Asia Times.
Posted September 23, 2008.

At first glance it may sound appealing to taxpayers for banks to be told to use their future earnings to pay back the $700 billion dollars in junk mortgages, bad hedge-fund bets and other gambles that the Treasury promised on September 20 to pick up at face value, no loss incurred. To provide a sense of proportion, this money could have funded the next forty or fifty years of Social Security. It could have funded health care for all Americans. It could have made a big step toward rebuilding the nation's crumbling infrastructure.
The Paulson-Bernanke Bank Bailout: Will the Cure be Worse than the Disease?
by Michael Hudson
Global Research.ca
Today we sit and watch as the high-rolling gamblers and critics of "big government" take welfare. These are many of the same people who thought it was just fine to deprive millions of women of critical resources and let them fend for themselves.

Even before the catastrophic news out of Wall Street in recent days, women have been worried about their economic security.

Last March a Gallup poll found that in the past two years more women than men said that they worry about the economy (64 percent versus 57 percent). The same holds for health care, crime, the environment, drug use, unemployment, hunger and homelessness.

… Bush tax policies diverted dollars from public services and boosted corporate profits to a record high of almost 14 percent of national income while the share going to wages dropped to its lowest level since 1929. Combined with relaxed government oversight and rampant speculation the way was paved for abusive mortgage practices that turned Wall Street into one big profit bubble waiting to pop.

With these excesses as a backdrop, women saw their other two pillars of economic security weaken as well: marriage to a wage-earner and paid employment.

Falling marriage rates combined with three decades of sagging male breadwinner wages have undercut the capacity of matrimony to provide women with the financial security it once offered.
Mimi Abramovitz
Wall Street Takes Welfare It Begrudges To Women
Women’s eNews (WeNews)

Each question will be programmed into the computer, asking which way society will experience the lowest cost optimum living-- by giving all humans handsome fellowships with an income adequate for a high standard of living, or by having them go on earning their livings. The computer will show that 70% of all jobs in America, and probably an equivalently high percentage of jobs in other Western private enterprise countries are preoccupied with work that is not producing any wealth or life-support. Inspectors of inspectors, re-underwriters of insurance re-insurers, 'obnoxico' promoters, spies and counter-spies, military personnel, gunmakers, etc. ...it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Critical Path
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  • Keep em coming Jacky boy! I refresh the page twice weekly in attempts to see if you've updated. Your blog deserves tens of thousands of readers. If we could only bring this about. May I suggest making a youtube video about wage slavery / advertising your blog. Go for gold Jacky boy! We love ya.

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  • Your affirmation is a delight, many thanks.

    I'm still in the data-collection stage for a podcast. Once I'm done with my large audio project, I hope to look at doing video.

    PS, regarding "going for gold": My favorite psychologist C. G. Jung said "gold does not run after people." As you may guess, I have a distaste for marketing. If Jung is right, if you produce something of quality, people will find it.

    By Blogger Jack Saturday, at 12:58 PM  

  • People will find it, but you need to make sure you are alive to see people find it, you need to make sure it is online for centures, buy some domain name and put all this stuff up there, and pay for the next dew decades of hosting.

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