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Monday, July 30, 2012

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 848-850

I get this notion that I've missed out on a life that might have been mine. I deliberately rejected the path that women had trod for years and headed - yes, eagerly plunged - into a world traditionally held by men.  I so firmly believed that a meaningful life would be found where the men were, where the jobs were. But now, after twenty-five years in the workplace, I wonder - what did I lose?  Can I still make up for missed experience?
Janet E. Bradley
Middle-Aged Musings On Retirement
Dropped Threads

I talk about remodelling the kitchen, or buying a big house with a fortress around it and a moat, so wide we can defend ourselves against the bad stuff that is out to get us. I search for that house, often, the one that doesn't look like illness can live inside its 3000 square feet, the house that celebrates an immunity from disaster. I know that I can't have this house - that it doesn't really exist.
Deborah Schnitzer
Just A Part
Dropped Threads

If people follow voluntary simplicity, grow veggie gardens, eat healthy home cooked meals, walk, bike and use public transit, pack homemade lunches, drink homemade beer and wine, live frugally in modest green homes, and become so imbued with happiness that world peace breaks out...   this would cause a seismic loss of jobs world wide.

Healthy, happy, people can never create the same number of jobs as a society of unhappy, TV-watching, junk-food eating, booze-swilling, tobacco-smoking, car-dependent, compulsive-shoppers with epidemic diseases, illness and addictions. The current economy is designed as a perpetual wrecking/fixing machine. Very good for jobs, but bad for everyone and everything else.
C.A. L'Hirondelle,
Guaranteed Income Makes Fertile Ground For Green Ideas
Livable 4 All


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