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Monday, September 18, 2017

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1666-1668

I DEMAND a return on investment for the taxes i paid that went to r&d for computers, robotics, and automation, not to mention the government loans for rich fucks to obtain more capitol and implement all this. the computer revolution was created by all of us, we should all benefit! place a tax on each form of automation our nation uses, put it towards universal income, and let us all reap the benefits of eliminating tedious tasks
Ron Walsh

 Nowadays, everyone needs an income – to be able to live and to work to our full potential. A real Unconditional Basic Income is not a neoliberal austerity measure for the few who currently appropriate natural resources and the wealth created by the paid and unpaid work of earlier and present generations. Basic income builds a solid basis for the welfare state. No ‘natural’ laws govern the current race to the bottom with austerity and tax competition. These are the result of policy choices, and we can choose different ones. Therefore we say:

    Redistribute the wealth – here and everywhere!
International Basic Income Week

No matter how you calculate the federal budget, we can afford to be our brother’s keeper. The real question is not whether but how we choose to be.
Jobs aren’t the solution to America’s problems—they’re the cause.
James Livingston



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