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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anti-Wage-Slavery, Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 510-511

I don't want to hear about erectile dysfunction and depression a dozen times or more in an evening, just because I want to relax and watch a tv show or two with my family.

Hey, maybe people are depressed and anxious and can't sleep and can't get it up because they have a crappy low-paying job, and an overpriced house, and no health insurance, and their kids go to an old unmaintained school, and they are living in a screwed up country run by greedy selfish bastards who don't care, or maybe it's just that they get told "they may have these problems and should talk to their doctor" 200 times a day until they believe it, whether it's true or not. Either way, it sucks for us all.
Grocery stores have lots of foods that need to be taken off shelves daily: stock that needs to rotate, surplus food like bananas that are starting to have brown spots, or refrigerated items that need to move for the new product coming in. Food products make up 63 percent of a supermarket’s disposed waste stream, according to a California Integrated Waste Management Board industry study. That’s approximately 3,000 lbs. thrown away per employee every year. The stores can’t sell the food, so they toss it in the compost or garbage.

Former Safeway deli employee John Wadginski says walking into a Safeway store still brings up bad memories for him. It wasn’t selling the food that bothered him – it was the amount he was required to throw away at the end of each night that made his stomach churn.

“All the ‘daily specials’ – cooked food like ham and ribs were dumped each night,” Wadginski said. “I had to throw out 10 pound hams that weren’t even touched. It was easily 50 pounds of food a night.”

Other employees corroborated his claims.


I worked at a Wal-Mart in Alabama for about a year up until five months ago when I transferred to a store in Atlanta. Neither stores participate in this "Feeding America" program. We had to throw away lunch meat and dairy three days PRIOR to the expiration date. I've quit Wal-Mart and I now work at Target where we, too, have to do the three day out system. Fresh meat gets thrown out a day before the expiration date at Target. Everything goes into the trash compactor with everything else.

. I worked at a Fred Meyer Deli in the heart of all-too-progressive Portland for half of last year, and I threw away several dozen pounds of food every shift. …at least 100-pounds of food PER DAY deliberately directed away from the mouths of the hungry. There is a pretty visible homeless population around the store too, and they had to put a lock on the composting-dumpster because HUNGRY PEOPLE WANTED TO EAT THEIR PERFECTLY EDIBLE FOOD. …often an employee with these businesses can be fired for eating food on its way to the garbage. …every night I threw out often 10-20 whole roasted chickens.
How the Top 5 Supermarkets Waste Food
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