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Monday, September 25, 2017

Anti Wage-Slavery Pro-Freedom Quotations Of The Week 1669-1671

In New Orleans, a mom with one child needs to earn $17.52 to make ends meet.  In New York, the mom with one child should earn $19.66 to make it.   If we now realistically calculate the number of people who work and do not earn a living wage, the numbers of working poor in the US skyrocket to several tens of millions.
The US Labor Department estimated recently that 13 million people were unemployed.  Another 8 million people were working part-time but wanted full-time work.  Even more millions who are not working are not counted in those numbers because they have been unemployed so long. 
Why Don't We Pay People Enough? 8 Facts About America's Struggling Working People
 AlterNet / By Bill Quigley
[emphasis JS]

 Who is winning the race for jobs between robots and humans? Last year, two leading economists described a future in which humans come out ahead. But now they’ve declared a different winner: the robots.

The industry most affected by automation is manufacturing. For every robot per thousand workers, up to six workers lost their jobs and wages fell by as much as three-fourths of a percent...
The researchers said they were surprised to see very little employment increase in other occupations to offset the job losses in manufacturing. That increase could still happen, they said, but for now there are large numbers of people out of work, with no clear path forward — especially blue-collar men without college degrees.
The study analyzed the effect of industrial robots in local labor markets in the United States. Robots are to blame for up to 670,000 lost manufacturing jobs between 1990 and 2007, it concluded, and that number will rise because industrial robots are expected to quadruple.

Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
Claire Cain Miller @clairecm
New York Times
MARCH 28, 2017
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76 percent of American university faculty are adjunct professors - an all-time high. Unlike tenured faculty, whose annual salaries can top $160,000, adjunct professors make an average of $2,700 per course and receive no health care or other benefits.

Most adjuncts teach at multiple universities while still not making enough to stay above the  poverty line. Some are on  welfare or homeless. Others depend on  charity drives held by their peers. Adjuncts are generally  not allowed to have offices or participate in faculty meetings. When they ask for a living wage or benefits, they can be  fired. Their contingent status allows them no recourse.
With roughly 40 percent of academic positions  eliminated since the 2008 crash, most adjuncts will not find a tenure-track job.
when 76 percent of professors are viewed as so disposable and indistinguishable that they are listed in course catalogues as  "Professor Staff", administrators view  computers which grade essays as a viable replacement.

76 percent of faculty are treated as dispensable automatons.
Academia's Indentured Servants
April 12, 2013
Sarah Kendzior
Al Jazeera


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